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What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’ve wanted to be a thousand different things since I was first asked this question. As a six year old, I wanted to be a hair stylist. After that I wanted to be a horticulturist, artist, journalist, oceanographer, event planner, and plenty of other things I’ve forgotten by now.

I don’t know anyone that has ever dreamed of doing administrative work; I certainly didn’t. I was a graphic designer for a while (I actually have an art degree) but my heart just wasn’t in it. Eventually I found myself in a temp job where I had to help organize and track things. I was pretty good at it, and even enjoyed the process. I stuck with admin work for about a decade after that.

A couple of years ago I decided to quit my corporate job for family and personal reasons. I attempted another art career, but cranking out art to make a living took the fun out of it. After doing some research, I found virtual assistance and haven’t looked back! I love doing this work and helping other female entrepreurs do theirs. 🙂

My Values

I’m eager to build professional relationships with some longevity. I love partnering with folks who really see value in my services.

This is a big one. Weekday communication is a must for clarity and understanding. We can’t read each other’s minds.

I’ll keep my word if I say I’m going to complete a task. When a client does the same, the working relationship is much stronger.

I’m not a fan of sloppy work. I do my best to stay detail-oriented and on top of priorities. I want you to be proud of the work that is done!

Favorite Things


Let’s Work Together!

Are you ready to free up your time and dive into the world of virtual assistance? I can’t wait to meet you!